Art of Espresso Redesign

Project Overview

This project was for my COGS 187b class, a design course at UCSD. Our prompt for this project was redesign or design a website and mobile app for a client. Our client was a small coffee stand on the UCSD campus, The Art of Espresso. 

For this project we just wanted to update the site to be more modern while maintaining all of the information of the current website. For this project I was a UX/UI Designer.

The Problem

How can we redesign The Art of Espresso website so that it is modern while maintaining the brand identity?

Users of The Art of Espresso website should be able to tell that website belongs to a small coffee shop, and be able to quickly get any information that they are looking for. 

Research Methods

Our team conducted a total of 13 interviews with randomized UC San Diego undergraduate students who all have different backgrounds in terms of drinking coffee. All of the interviewees have their own needs and wants for both drinking and visiting coffee shops. After conducting our user interviews, as a group, we synthesized our data and findings into 3 personas aimed at specifically targeting the Art of Espresso. Based on the information that our group collected and the 3 personas, we developed 6 user scenarios and use cases to give people more context of the audience that the Art of Espresso attracts that would use the website. This additional information combined with the features mentioned in our client survey led us to develop a compiled list of possible features for the Art of Espresso website. 


User Scenarios

We had 6 user scenarios to more context of the targeted audience that the Art of Espresso website:

Scenario 1 : Catherine is fond of cafes with amazing customer service that has a comfortable vibe. She’s a regular at AoE because of these two features but doesn’t really know much about the café itself and its staff. She wants to know more details about them to check out more of the vibe. Also as a regular, she wants to save money since she purchases a lot from them, from drinking a variety of their specialty drinks to her usuals. Being a loyal customer, she wants to rep AoE and use it as well for the possibility of ‘bring your own mug.’

Scenario 2 : Catherine is looking for a place that is available during spring break to hang out with friends from out of town. She wants a place that has a good seating area where the vibes are comfortable and chill. As a regular, she knows that the Art of Espresso is reliable and in her opinion, but still wants to show her friends that others also believe the same thing. She is thinking of taking her friends there but isn’t sure if they are open during the holidays. She wants to make sure by checking the hours of operations specifically listed for the holidays. Because her friends are out of town and are not familiar with the Art of Espresso, Catherine wants to send them the menu. 
Scenario 3: Mike is looking for a convenient café that is on his way to his 9AM class. Mike is in a hurry and wants to know if the stand is still selling a seasonal drink that he really enjoyed the last time he came to the stand. Mike would also like a snack to accompany the drink, but he is uncertain of what snack he wants. Mike has several dietary restrictions, so he would like to know the ingredients of the items. 
Scenario 4: Mike is a coffee snob and has gotten sick of the coffee near his dorm, so he is looking for a coffee stand that has interesting drinks that he can try. He is also looking for somewhere to get fresh air and just sit down to relax. Mike has not been to Art of Espresso since freshman year, so he doesn’t remember the prices or any of the items that are available. He also does not remember where to find the stand.
Scenario 5: Sammy was looking for a place where she could have a quick lunch and rest. Since she only has about 40 minutes for a lunch break, she needs a place with “on the go” food and drinks, and there is no need to queue for a long time. Also, she hopes that this place would not be too far from the campus center so that she doesn’t have to spend extra time walking. 
Scenario 6: Sammy is looking for catering for a meeting with alumni. She needs to find a place that can provide her with the menu of things she can purchase and for a time that she would be able to pick up quickly before the meeting. She doesn’t want to go over budget so she is contacting different places to see their estimated costs. Sammy is also using social media to look at different pictures of the food and drinks. She thinks that the Art of Espresso might be the best fit for catering.

Competitive Analysis and Mood Board

This is the Competitive Analysis. We compared competitors websites and pinpointed features we liked and disliked. 

Mood Board: 

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

We decided that we only needed the low-fidelity prototype of the mobile app and used that as a template for both of our high fidelity prototypes.

User Research and Critiques

We were not able to get much user research for our low-fidelity prototype. However, we were able to get critiques from other teams that were in the same class. We were also able to get critiques from the teaching staff of the class. Those critiques can be seen here.

Final Product

Here is a quick look at our final product. You can take a deeper look here.

There were several problems that we ran into while working on this redesign. One of the biggest problems is obtaining the pictures for the website. It took the team a long time to actually find pictures that actually fit the brand while not looking too much like a stock image. Another problem that we can into was user research. While working on the project, we were very limited on time so we were not able to obtain all of the user research we needed to improve our redesign of the AoE website.

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